The Caffe Velo Verde Social Table

Our customers love the Social Table – Its popular with groups, families and individuals who just want to sit at a large table and have a chat with whoever is there.

You can sit 12-16 people around the table so its a great social space!


Two Wheels and A piece of Cake

Our customers Britta and Emma are behind the brilliant Two Wheels and a Piece of Cake Cycling Events which are held not far away from us in the lovely Vale of Belvoir area.

The ladies met at the school gates and soon started sharing their passion of cycling around the Vale drinking tea and eating cake – so why not organise some events to do just that with hundreds of others?

The Belles of Belvoir and the Belvoir Blast Sportives are now an established part of the Vale’s cycling year and you can even support the events by buying some terrific useful products made from upcycled inner tubes. If you have any old inner tubes please drop them into the coffee shop and we will donate them.

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