Caffe Velo Verde is about cycle, coffee and community. Community is important to us and we share that value with FarmEco where we are based. We love getting different people together and the coffee shop vibe is all about that .

Coffee is central to everything and our baristas use a Britesso machine and great locally roasted beans to produce great coffee to re-energise or just relax with.

For our cycling visitors we have a cycle rack so that you can safely hang your bike and still see it whilst enjoying your coffee. We have a track pump, tubes and puncture kits if you hit any difficulties. You can charge your cycle computers or phones at our charging point and the underfloor heating means that we are warm and cosy.

Caffe Velo Verde is a family business run by Paul & Jane Green with help from son Miles. They are joined by barista Andy Hardy and a team of staff and helpers all are totally committed to bringing you a relaxing & friendly place to come to.

Caffe Velo Verde could not exist without the help & support of David and Jill Rose who own the Eco Farm and share our passion to bring you a coffee shop that is truly different.