November 2018

This weekend marks exactly 12 months since our official opening .

Wow. What a 12 months it has been !

From at fledgeling idea Paul, Jane and Miles Green opened a little cycle friendly coffee shop in a very rural location. From that acorn Caffe Velo Verde has grown into something that so many people have been coming to …… We value that enormously.

We have met some fabulous customers and made some wonderful new friends . At times it gets very intense (!) But we love doing what we do for people that appreciate it and ‘get’ what we are doing .

Put simply with no previous catering or hospitality experience we just wanted to create the place we want to go to ourselves . Simple , friendly , quality food and great coffee, but with smiles and friendliness .

We wanted to be comfortable and relaxed for cyclists ( we really don’t mind when you arrive sweaty or wet and muddy ) and we wanted to be able to chat and talk bikes with you . We wanted to be chilled and comfortable for non cyclists too …. A coffee shop for everyone . And you seem to like it which makes us super happy .

We have found some amazing and lovely staff and helpers who have supported us in quiet times and worked their socks off when there is a queue to even get in the door and at the end of service it’s high fives and hugs that we got through it generally quickly and efficiently …. ( Sorry if we miss the occasional ticket when it’s full on !)

There are too many to list and thank individually so I’m bound to miss some people but we especially want to thank David and Jill Rose , Andy Hardy, Toria Hardy, Katie Honey , Claudia Lister, Sophie Marshall, Sam Martin, Jess and Kirsten Tagg, Emma Redgate , Henry and Sarah Gould , Josh Honey , Steve Clarke and Donna Bee , Ceri Anne Joseph , Colin and two June’s , Rob Wilson, Adam Hartshone , Gavin Dow and well…. Just so many others that have played a part including our growing number of (international ) clothing models .

Above all we want to thank YOU ….. The riders, cycle clubs and customers who have visited us so regularly, supported us and helped us to achieve #1 TripAdvisor ranking and a nomination for Cyclist Cafe of the Year .

Keep riding . Keep eating legendary bacon rolls. Keep eating cake and keep drinking coffee.

#community #peace #love #friendship

Much Love

Paul, Jane and Miles Green


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