We get all sorts at Caffè Velo Verde

No two weekends are the same really …… we get so many people through the coffee shop – we only wish we had the time to have a proper chat with everyone!

Over the last few weekends we have had some unusual visitors though!

Sammy the parrot came in sitting on his owner’s shoulder recently. Sammy is an incredible 52 years old and after studying his surroundings was sitting quite happily chirping away in parrotspeak.

He seemed to quite like our Granolajack -which is no surprise as we all do.

We had a private hire event recently on a Monday ….. and on the Sunday previous a smartly dressed guy arrived wearing a blue shirt and tie. He was very hot and drank a few glasses of water before starting to tell us in his German accent that he had just arrived having set off from Germany hitch hiking the day before! He had remarkably done the journey in a day. He doesn’t own a car and regularly makes such journeys across Europe attending environmental events whilst minimising his carbon footprint!

Red Bull sponsor many sporting events and adrenalin sportspeople. Local Red Bull athlete Nathan Watson called in whilst on a training ride recently with a friend. Nathan is a world ranked motorcycle Enduro rider and lives locally when he is not travelling the world competing in the KTM factory team with the support of Red Bull. Nathan’s carbon footprint may just be a bit higher than our German visitor!

Nathan Watson

We also get a massive range of cycles and even stand up ElliptiGo machines, but one type of machine that we hadn’t actually seen before in the flesh was this slightly half and half recumbent tandem! A couple were riding by and called into see us. They have ridden across Europe touring on this fabulous machine before and it certainly caused a few looks whilst it was at the coffee shop …….

So overall yes….. we have a lot of visitors on foot, car and, of course, cycle……. but sometimes we just can’t predict who is going to turn up !

Team CVV


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