Why are we doing this?

We have a passion to create a cycle friendly coffee shop that is all about quality coffee and food that will bring people together in conversation and community.  Whether its our local community or the wider cycle community we love bringing people together and sharing our space with them.

We love to talk to our customers and share the unique environment in and around the coffee shop.  There is just so much to tell you about from the unique statues in the fields and the story behind them, to the close links with the Mojatu Foundation or the amazing apple juices produced from the farms edible woodland project, or even the Men In Sheds group that meets in the farms workshops.

The coffee shop is in its infancy and we have lots to bring you in 2018.  We have cupping evenings planned where you can come and earn more about coffee and taste some amazing blends from around the world.  We will be hosting a Ladies evening to tell you about the Mojatu Foundations work to end Female Genital Mutilation.  In the spring we will be joining with Newark Cycle Centre to bring you a Demo Day where you can see and ride the latest Ebikes.

We have so much planned for you and we would also like to know what you would like us to do ……. drop us a message and pop in to see us and let us know

We want to share our space with and vision for community with you – so lets share some tea, coffee and cake !


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